Welcome to Rudy's Gourmet Pizza, the best in Portland! - 503-771-8008Welcome to Rudy's Gourmet Pizza, the best in Portland! - 503-771-8008



Welcome to Rudy's Gourmet Pizza! Rudy's is a family-owned and operated pizzeria in Southeast Portland, OR., established in 2006. We use only the freshest ingredients and hand-tossed dough to create a nice, airy, relatively thick-crusted pizza topped with plenty of cheese and your choice of toppings. Or discover one of our Ru's Specialties.  We also have an outstanding selection of wings, sandwiches and salads. And for dinning, we offer a great selection of both, local and domestic beer on tap.


In addition to our delicious homemade dough, 100% mozzarella cheese and homemade sauce, we offer specialty items such as Gluten free crust and Vegan cheese.  We at Rudy’s strive to provide an excellence in food and service with a commitment to the community. Rudy’s is a proud supporter of both Franklin and Cleveland High School with an emphasis in sports. Our sports theme dinning seats up to 20 and provides a place for one to enjoy a cold beer, great food and watch there favorite games.  Kids are welcome too! 


We also offer free and friendly delivery to the following Southeast Portland Neighborhoods:

Brooklyn, Buckman, Clinton, Creston, Division, Eastmoreland, Foster, Hawthorne, Lents, Powell, Reed College, South Tabor, Woodstock, and more!










Some of the best vegetarian

Some of the best vegetarian pizza in Portland!! We love you guys!

I just wanted to say, "Thank

I just wanted to say, "Thank you. I love you. I love your pizza, and I love you, Mr Delivery Man who got my gluten free customized pizza to me even though I called at closing time and the trek to my house was through cold rain."

What's up Rudy and family.

What's up Rudy and family. Dropped in with my son awhile back to catchup and get some food and just missed ya. Anyway your food gets better and better Bro,, id put you guys up with the best of the um. Take care and see ya next Tim I hope.. Take care brow..