Welcome to Rudy's Gourmet Pizza, the best in Portland! - 503-771-8008Welcome to Rudy's Gourmet Pizza, the best in Portland! - 503-771-8008



Now Offering Growlers for Delivery!!

$20 for a Growler + Fill
Delivery is Free!!

Breakside Wonderlust - IPA

Gagantic Crystal Cloud - Hazey IPA

Ecliptic Starburst - IPA

Breakside- Pilsner

Coalition Pineapple Up Side Down - American Wheat Ale

10 Barrel Goggle Tan - Indian Red Ale

Ace Pineapple - Cider

2 Towns Made Marion - Blackberry Cider

Atlas Pom Cherry - Cider

Mother Earth Cali Creamin' - Vanilla Cream Ale Nitro




Washington Meets Oregon
Pineapple Cider Mixed with Blackberry Cider!!

Up to 2 Growlers per delivery!!!!



Rudy’s Pizza is a relaxed environment where you can enjoy delicious food, grab a beer, catch a game on the big screen, and unwind with your family and friends! 

As local Southeast Portland native, Rudy is in tune with the appetite of the neighborhood he’s lived in his whole life.  He understands the uniqueness of this community, and how it sets Inner Southeast apart from the rest of the city.  Rudy celebrates his passion for cooking by creating new and exciting pizza combinations for the world to savor. 


Established in 2006, Rudy’s Pizza is a family run business that is here to serve you for many years to come.  We’re also vegan friendly!