Create your own pizza / Personal pizzas / toppings and saucesCreate your own pizza / Personal pizzas / toppings and sauces



One Topping Pizza or Cheese Pizzas

Personal 1 slice, 1 topping Not for delivery $5.00
Personal Specialty Not for delivery $7.00
Small 10"    $9.95
Medium 14"    $14.95
Large 16"   $17.95

Vegan Diya Cheese

Follow your Heart
Vegan Cheese

Mixed Vegan Cheese
Daiya and FYH Mixed together

Goat Cheese

***Each Additional Topping***

Sliced Vegan Pepperoni

Vegan Chicken

Crumbled Vegan Sausage

Vegan Meatballs 

(Slice) $1.00
(Cal) $1.00

(Sm) $1.50
(Md) $2.00
(Lg) $2.50 

(Slice) $0.75
(Cal) $1.00

(Slice) $1.00
(Sm) 2.00 
(Md) 2.50
(Lg) $3.00 
Side of Vegan Ranch
Side of Vegan Blue Cheese $1.50
Side0 of Vegan Garlic Butter $1.00
Side of Vegan Creamy Siracha $1.50
Side of Vegan Pesto
  Side of Ranch
Side of Blue Cheese
Side of Garlic Butter
Side of Creamy Siracha $1.50
Side of Pesto






 Italian Sausage  Artichoke Hearts  Rudy's Red    
 Italian Link Sausage  White Mushrooms  Alfredo   Blue Cheese Crumble
 Meatballs  Portabella Mushrooms   Olive Oil and Herbs Cheddar
 Polish Sausage  Sun Dried Tomatoes   Tomato Pesto Fresh Parmesan
 Pepperoni  Roma Tomatoes   Pesto Pepper jack
 Salami  Roasted Garlic  Original BBQ Feta

Additional Charge
 Red Bell Pepper  Honey BBQ 100% Mozzarella
 Ham  Green Bell Pepper Nacho Cheese  


Additional Charge

 Pineapple  Bean Sauce Additional Cost!
 Bacon  Zucchini   Vegan Pesto Sauce  
 Chicken  Jalepenos  Vegan Ranch  
 Ground Beef  Pepperoncini  Vegan Blue Cheese  
   Black Olives   Vegan Creamy Siracha  
   Green Olives     
   Whole Garlic  Addtional Cost for Change of sauce.   
   Fresh Basil    
   Red Onions    
   Kalamata Olives